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Zynga Earns Profits from Mobile Casino Application

Zynga Earns Profits from Mobile Casino Application

March 29th, 2015

zynga_logo1Social gaming casino firm Zynga has reported good earnings in the range of $100,000 on a daily basis from its mobile casino application. It appears now that the firm has finally managed to find the magic formula for success in the social gaming scenario and mobile gaming. Zynga began its foray into the competitive world of online social gaming in 2007 of which the most popular was Farmville which managed to garner 10 million users within few days. Its social games are available for free on mobile operating systems like Apple iOS, Android and Window Phones and can be played on Facebook, Google+ and others.

How Zynga shot to prominence

The constant innovative spirit of Zynga has helped its relatively unknown mobile casino game gain popularity and it is now ranked 9th among top downloaded games from App stores of Apple. Recent sales reports of its most popular mobile casino game Hit it Rich has shown that in February 2014 it aggregated to $159,662 in local European markets itself. If one were to use its European earnings to calculate collections from other parts of the world it would show that the daily revenues from sales of Hit it Rich are at $479,000.

About Zynga and Hit it Rich

The actual game of “Hit it Rich!” with cute teddy bear Ted was developed by its subsidiary Spooky Cool Labs that was acquired by Zynga in 2013. Besides this Zynga had other popular titles in its portfolio like “Big Fish Casino” at No.6 and GSN casino at No.10 both of which were top grossers in iOS series and are popular across America as they belong to social casino category and can be shared on YouTube. In current gaming market social casino games are the most lucrative and earn maximum profits. In future Zynga is likely to extend availability of its European games like Zynga Plus Poker and others into the American market.