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Mobile Casinos Continue to Evolve

Mobile Casinos Continue to Evolve

January 11th, 2015

With some new gaming technology to support it, casino games and gambling continue to become more suitable for serious players.

phone_chipsInstead of playing for virtual currency, chips, or points, players now have the option to gamble with real money. When this was first introduced to the virtual gambling community, there was much skepticism concerning the security of personal information and bank accounts. These concerns have been reduced greatly due to the secure transactions that are made possible by third party companies such as PayPal. Many sites are sophisticated enough to allow direct transactions via credit card. Mobile casino gaming has become very successful due to these changes. Several players have made a career out of this style of competitive gaming to support themselves. Mobile casino gaming also supports professional leagues by making the sport more appealing to groups that do not typically play table games.

Along with the ability to bet real money, mobile casino games are becoming more appealing to players due to improved graphics, smoother gameplay, and better simulation of real casino game aspects such as betting, raising, and bluffing. These features tend to get better as gaming technologies become more advanced, so improvements are not expected to plateau anytime soon.

As a direct result of more people using smartphones, mobile casino players will soon be numbered at 164 million. This surge in the number of mobile casino players also comes with a 22 percent increase in virtual gambling revenue in 2014. If these trends continue as expected, 2015 is expected to be an even greater year for the mobile casino industry.

Improved entertainment value, monetization, and secure gambling have ensured that mobile casinos will continue to grow over at least the next few years.