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How to Decide on the Best Mobile Casinos

September 21st, 2014

Take a look around and it’s guaranteed that you’re going to see at least one person using their mobile device. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are taking the world by storm, and they are also wonderful ways for you to play your favorite casino games while on the go. Online and mobile casinos make it easy for you to create a membership, begin playing and even bet real money to get more in return. These mobile casinos act almost identical to a real casino, so it’s worth a try for those who love gambling but can’t see to find the time to get to their nearby casino hotspot.

Things to Look for in a Mobile Casino
mobile_casinoWhile it’s safe to say that mobile casinos are the next big thing, there are also quite a lot of apps that you can download that are either not entirely secure or they just don’t have enough players. In order to have enough competition on the casino, you want to download a mobile app that has more than enough players so that you’ll continually have someone you can play against. Obviously, this doesn’t account for those who want to play slots and other similar games, but it’s definitely worth looking at the player count before you decide to download anything.

Being Safe on Mobile Casinos
Another thing you need to be careful of is downloading mobile casino apps that are unsafe or have bad reputations. You want to know that you’re fully secure and safe while using the app, since this is the only way for you to know that your personal and banking information is not being given out to third parties. Most mobile casinos are quite safe to use, but it’s still a good thing to look into before downloading anything in particular.

Probability Launches Mobile Casino SlotONation

August 18th, 2014

GTECH, under its mobile gambling division Probability has recently launched mobile casino software in partnership with Articq Media Ltd. Probability is making the offer under its mobile casino games portfolio of White Label. In a statement to members of the press, Steve Payne from Probability stated that this partnership will help expand games on offer in SlotONation to enhance players experience and make it worthwhile to download and play the game. The players can try their luck at different mobile casino games according to their comfort level to try and win every bonus as announced by its makers.

Exciting mobile games

highrollersArticq Media has been developing casino games for more than a decade and will benefit from this partnership. SlotONation is moving into mobile casino offers for the first time. The growing popularity of online casino games which allows players to log in from any location has moved on to mobiles with smartphones becoming available at low rates. The partnership has helped bring interesting content to this popular European mobile casino with interesting bonus offers for new players.

Both partners are confident about a profitable business relationship which can bring in profits for them and improve gaming experience of players. Probability is regarded as a market leader in mobile gaming as it owns and manages mobile casino sites across regulated markets in Europe, Canada and Australia.

Profitable partnership

Players in these locations are allowed to participate in online gambling games through mobile application, thereby making them eligible to win money irrespective of location. It also provides mobile solutions for non-gambling partners in media, application development, online broadcasting firms and mobile network providers. Among its online gaming ventures, it is providing hosted services to operators like 888, SNAI and Lottomatica.

Probability’s partner in development of SlotONation, Articq Media is a Malta-based company that has been active in competitive world of digital marketing and gaming for more than a decade. According to industry experts SlotONation will bring accolades for all partners and affiliates as an innovative offer in mobile casino software industry.

Online Gaming

August 3rd, 2014

online-casinoWhen online gaming first emerged onto the internet, the outcry from traditional brick and mortar casino operators could be heard before it was even spoken. These operators, who have invested heavily into and profited heavily from their casinos spent years decrying online gaming as being rigged and untrustworthy. I wonder if these companies have ever heard the story of the pot that called the kettle black.

Land based casinos have not exactly been what you could describe as bastions of honesty and fairness. Any quick search in all countries with legalized gaming will turn up examples of these companies getting caught taking advantage of gamblers, bribing government officials and running from their obligations.

Brick and mortar casinos require significant up front capital to begin operations. This investment and the high costs of operating such an operation, leads to increased costs to the casino patron. Dealers must be paid, security must be paid equipment must be maintained and the list goes on. Online casinos, on the other hand, have relatively low barriers to entry. One only needs to have sufficient capital to back bets wagered by the players and enough skill to program a website to start. The savings can be applied to greater security for the players and better odds.

Now, these companies that for so long have decried online gaming are rushing to get involved. The same politicians that have objected on moral grounds have now changed their stance with regards to online gaming. What changed that caused this turn of events? Both of these groups have finally found a way to profit from online gaming.

As cynical as I may become over this flip flopping opportunistic behavior, it is clear to see this can only result in additional options for gamblers to participate in gaming when and where they choose. Regulation and oversight will continue to ensure better, safer online gaming options continue to evolve and the future of gaming will be brighter than at any time in our past.

One thing is for sure, the debate over online gaming is still in its infancy. There will be many more hours spent by many more politicians worldwide before this topic is put to rest.

Zynga Ups Its Game – Introduces New Shark-based Slot Machine

May 26th, 2014

Science fiction fans are in for a joyride, as New York-based game developer Zynga has introduced its latest creation in themed slot machines. The recent release of Sharknado 2: The Second One, released by American science fiction-based satellite and cable channel SyFy is speculated to be the reason behind Zynga’s game. The game developer has decided to honour the shark with a new release in themed slot machine games.


Slot Machine

New slot game

Completely based on the central idea of the sci-fi film Sharknado, the themed slot machine has players help Fin, the hero, save the city of Los Angeles. The idea throughout the new slot game is to assist Fin in his attempts to stop LA from being destroyed by sharks dropped onto the city by a storm.


Try a mini-game

The game also offers the option to play mini-games and watch selected clips as well as videos featured in the film. A fun feature added to new slot machines, the mini-game is an excellent way for players to take a break from the reel while increasing returns.


Once such mini-game has players look for tornadoes hidden under bombs. You can use as many bombs symbols displayed on the screen to uncover tornadoes. However, you lose if you happen to find a hidden shark under a bomb.


Mini-games are engaging and bring in a varied aspect to playing the slots. A great way for beginner slot players to cut their teeth, new slot machines are a welcome combination of arcade and chance gaming.


Customizable slot experience


With reels that feature pictures of lead actors from the film, mixed in with an assortment of weapons, and jet skis, players of the Sharknado Hit It Rich! slot machine can also customize their gaming experience. Choose from the option of either selecting a total bet on each turn or leave the dial on auto-spin.


Hitting it rich!


Fans of celebrity slot machines or Hollywood blockbuster themed slots can also enjoy various other releases by Zynga. Some of the more popular themed slot machines seen around casinos are The Terminator, Ted, and The Wizard of Oz, to name a few.

Online Gaming in America: Could It Be The Beginning Of The End?

April 14th, 2014

The idea of online gaming has long since been a source of heated and lively debate amongst politicians and citizens of various regions alike. While some argue that it’s great source of revenue and a viable means of helping to generate much needed tax funding, others argue that it’s simply an ugly and contrived way for operators to earn a quick buck off gambling addicts. While there are many countries that have national restrictions to online gambling operations, the United States of America is not one of them – not yet, that is.

online gamingIt would seem that there are some in the U.S.’s Congress that are pushing to change that fact, though. Recently the idea of online slots, poker, blackjack, etc., has come under fire in the government circles. A bill that could put a complete end to U.S. operated online gaming servers is currently being reviewed, considered, and debated in America’s Congressional circles. This bill is a rather radical one by many Westernized modern views of the world, but it is by no means the first time gambling has come under scrutiny in the United States.

America has a long history of tension between those running gambling operations and those in the government and law enforcement. While it has been legalized for most of the 1900s, there have been periods of great controversy that have caused gaming to go underground in some instances. You can see evidence of that in pop culture (such as in the musical ‘Guys and Dolls,’) as well as in the headlines today (such as when you read about celebrities being caught during involvement in illegal high-stakes poker games).

While some don’t believe that the bill will ever stand a chance of being passed into law, others provide commentary and evidence to the contrary. One point that those in favor of banning internet gaming like to make is that the revenue is quickly declining from these sites, and that efforts to raise funds would be better used elsewhere. This idea has gained support in conservative regions, including Mississippi and other areas of the conservative South.

Those who are against the ban have their qualms about the government’s restrictions for many reasons. One such reason is that they believe it will open a gateway for further restrictions and limitations to be passed – potentially bringing the casino business (and therefore a vital part to tourism to some areas of the country) to a halt. While the bill has been introduced to the U.S. Congress, no decision has yet to be made. Only time will tell which way they’ll go, and the decision they make could be highly influential in all subsequent gambling regulations to come.

Pariplay to Bring Valiant Superheroes to Life in Line of Online Games

March 16th, 2014

When it comes to different online gambling sites, there are a few different aspects that users shop around for. While many games logistically operate the same way, the themes that they come with can make or break a user’s decision to continue on with playing. Comic book lovers everywhere will be thrilled to hear that the masterminds behind Valiant Entertainment have teamed up with Valiant Superheroesone of the leading online casino industry professionals, Pariplay, to bring their characters to life.

The Valiant Superheroes (and Supervillains) will be able to be found in a wide range of fixed-odd machines. With a statement released by Pariplay, the gaming company expressed their excitement to be undertaking the project. A direct quote from their executives reads: “Valiant’s comic properties have millions of die-hard fans all over the world that are anxious to engage with their heroes in bold new ways. We look forward to creating casino games that embrace the rich universe of Valiant comics.

The programmers at Pariplay certainly do have their work cut out for them, though! With over 1500 different characters in the Valiant Entertainment enterprise to choose from as potentially incorporated game elements, there’s a daunting task of designing games that are as neat and clean as they are entertaining. They’re going to be designing instant win games, scratch off cards, interactive lotteries, slot machine games, and much more. With a large host of characters such as Bloodshot and the Shadowman to choose from, there’s going to be a game that meets every comic book lover’s dreams.

Valiant Entertainment has had a wildly successful enterprise in the comic book industry, with over 80 million copies of their work sold globally. It’s only plausible that if their partnership with Pariplay becomes a success that the new gaming sensation will become just as popular.

UK Race Fan Wins £108m Lottery

February 19th, 2014

Neil Trotter, a 41-year-old man, won the Euromillions lottery worth £108 million. That amount made him the fourth largest winner in the history of the National Lottery.

Neil Trotter

Trotter was Certain

Trotter runs the Chameleon Coachworks repair garage in Mitcham, and he lives in Coulsdon, south London. He is just an everyday person who had intense feeling that he was going to win the jackpot. In fact, on the day of the drawing, the day he had purchased the ticket, he visited his father’s office and told him and his staff that by this time tomorrow he’d be a multi-millionaire.

Nicky’s Surprise

Neil went home, and that night, he sat beside 33-year-old Nicky Ottaway, his partner for eight years, and watched as his number came up. Nicky, however, was not paying attention. Neil exclaimed, “I’ve done it. I’ve won the lottery.” Certain he was just having fun with her, Nicky told him to shut up and stop being an idiot. Then Neil showed her the ticket, and she started screaming.

Press Conference

On Wednesday, March 17, a press conference was held to award Neil the money and give press an opportunity to interview him. There was an upbeat mood at the event, and there was even some Only Fools and Horses jokes to be a had at his expense, which was the sitcom Neil was referencing when walking into his father’s office in high spirits.

What Next

Nicky and Neil will remain unmarried. They like their arrangement as is, and the money does not change that. Neil, who is a huge British racing fan, does plan to buy many cars, and he is going to follow his beloved sport around rather than work. Who can blame him? Nicky has plans that are more modest. She is content with a new Land Rover, and she plans to purchase a new home on a large lot that will accommodate all of the autos Neil intends to buy.

Spreading the Winning Potential

January 29th, 2014


Offside Gaming is widely regarded as a leader in gaming technology and sports betting. In an effort to continue its influence in this area of wagering, Offside has announced its partnership with WorldStar Betting. This partnership will allow for the development of mobile gaming platforms in locations of the world that represent completely new markets for both parties. Together, WorldStar and Offside Gaming are bringing Mobile Sports Booking to the Ugandan region in Africa.

Emerging Markets

Prior to this mobile network, there were 70 locations in the area for wagering of this kind. However, with the addition of this mobile platform for Offside Gaming’s original website, it is expected that the 200 million plus mobile devices in Uganda will now have new and exciting ways to get in on sports betting thorough the use of a Mini-Opera browser. Most large gaming outfits have been looking towards the Middle East when it comes to seeking out new and untapped gaming markets. Despite this trend, there seems to be considerable potential in the Northern regions of Africa.

A Worldwide Movement

This move by Offside Gaming is only the first of many projects that this company has in the works for the African nation. Internet usage in this country is continually on the rise, increasing 15 percent over the past year. The use of mobile technology is growing even faster. Penetration of this kind of technology reflected a stunning 90 percent growth. It is not just the increased use of mobile technology that has spurred this move by these gaming organizations. The desire to participate in sports wagering is extremely strong in the populations of these regions. Future projects that extend outside Uganda will take the mobile gaming platform into Nigeria and Ghana as well. This move adds to the list of major countries where Offside Gaming is making innovations in gaming. In addition to Africa, Offside has leading gaming systems in place in South America and Central and Southern Europe.

Bodog Casino Players In Canada Get Mobile Access

December 26th, 2013


More players want the ability to play on the go. Bodog Casino makes it possible for Canadian players to play all of the games that a person is used to on the website from their mobile devices.

The online casino offers an iPhone and Android platform. While some casinos require you todownload an app to your smartphone, this is not necessary with Bodog. Players can choose from an array of table and slot games.

Popular games include:

– European roulette
– Blackjack
– Lucky 7 slots
– Mr. Vegas

Marianne Hughes, the casino manager of Bodog Canada is pleased to launch a mobile friendly casino. She said that it was a step that was obvious and needed to be taken.

The European markets have already demonstrated the popularity of mobile casinos and the anticipation is that Canada will meet the opportunity with the same enthusiasm. 10 casino games will be featured through the mobile casino. This includes blackjack, roulette, as well as multiple slot games that have been popular on the website.

Regardless of where a person is, they will be able to take advantage of placing bets and embracing the casino experience.

Benefits of the mobile casino include:

– Free to use
– No download
– Live betting
– Lines for all major sports

Mobile gaming revenues are expected to surge over the next few years and Bodog Casino in Canada has positioned themselves well to take advantage of these benefits. The mobile experience is designed to provide a way for people to play all of their favourite games without being tied down to a laptop or desktop.

Bodog Canada just recently launched the mobile casino. If all goes well, players can look forward to seeing a variety of new games being added. While classics like Mr Vegas will never go, new slots may be added periodically, including seasonal ones.

Sports betting can also be done through the mobile casino. This allows a person to place a bet while they are out and about. A person will never forget to make a bet when they want because they can make one as long as there is a signal.

Why You Should Get Fashion Ideas From Magic Millions

November 13th, 2013

Each year, the rich and famous gather at the world’s top horse races wearing Gamble-Onlinethe finest clothing. However, behind the scenes, fashion designers carefully watch celebrities that attend major horse racing events in the Southern Hemisphere. Since summer begins in January in Australia, and most major horse racing events in the Northern Hemisphere begin in May, the timing works out well for the fashion conscious. This is especially true for fashion designers or clothing retailers that focus on horse racing related sales. For this reason, anyone with top-shelf tickets to a major horse racing event in 2014 will welcome this update on women’s fashion from the upcoming Magic Millions race day in Queensland, Australia.

Fashion preview featuring Australia’s Next Top Model

This year, model Amanda Ware is at the forefront of showing off all of the fashion suggestions for the 2014 Magic Millions race. Featured in the Herald Sun, designers from around the world are helping every elegant horse racing fan to find the perfect outfit. The big fashion highlights from the 2013 race included the use of stretch lace over pastels for dresses. There was also a focus on pairing pastels with bold colors of a similar shade or contrasting color.

Watch for Myer Fashions on the Field

What is unique about style at the Magic Millions race is the fashion contest setup for horse racing fans that attend the event. In regards to the Myer Fashions on the Field fashion contest, Amanda Ware says. “I love seeing original, timeless and classic outfits.” Along with being a great way to win prizes and have fun, this contest also sets the precedent for Australia’s summer fashion. Of course, anyone in the fashion industry in the Northern Hemisphere will find that Myer Fashions on the Field is also an excellent way to evaluate which new designer styles worked best.

Derby fashion tips from Amanda Ware

In preparation for the Magic Millions race, Ware makes several suggestions. Mainly, focusing on an attention-getting Derby hat that ties your outfit together should be of primary importance. After all, it is mandatory for anyone that wants to participate in the Myer Fashions on the Field fashion contest. Other vital tips include avoiding the color black, using bold colors and wearing comfortable shoes.

Finally, her main suggestion to anyone that wants to see the height of Australian fashion is to consider the VIP area for style reviewing. The 2014 Magic Millions VIP Marquee costs $495 and includes luxury items such as gourmet food, French champagne, air-conditioning and a private balcony on the main straight. The 2014 Magic Millions race will be broadcast from the Gold Coast Turf Club in Australia on January 11, 2014 at 9 AM.